Thursday, June 23, 2011

I want to get off now!! June 10th - 28th, 2011

Some pics from the show at Monster Truck Gallery in Dublin.

S Fleming, Closed till further notice (w/ Dropped Ice creams) 2011

S. Fleming, Dropped Ice Creams are tragic II, 2011

S. Fleming, Bunting study, 2011

S. Fleming & J. Cunningham, Rollar coaster installation, 2011

J. Cunningham, wall display

S. Fleming, Loose bolts + roller coasters don't mix, 2011
S. Fleming, Give to Attendant, 2011

S. Fleming, Two cocks (one of two pieces) 2011

J. Cunningham, Parachute Drop 2011

J. Cunningham, Souvenirs 2011

S. Fleming, Big Wheels keep on turning, 2011

S. Fleming, Dropped ice creams are tragic, 2011

3 comments: 7:22 AM  

Great job Simon - love it! Especially the ice cream cone :)

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