Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Short update and a Knee-Jerk

So apparently I missed the whole month of August regarding updates here. Shameful if I don't say so myself. I had every intention to write on a number of events, art shows and other random-ness, but the motivation to actually place finger to key failed to appear.

So, anyway, the Galway Arts Festival came and went. When Nina and I moved here last year we had just missed it. So with that I was looking forward to checking it out this time around. I was a little bit disappointed. I think it was generally agreed that the exhibit they put on was rather poor. With the exception of John Brady's very fine large sculptural piece with accompanying paintings and Hockney's prints, it was a wash.
The Galway Arts Centre had an interesting video showcase by Lars Laumann. Sorry I dont have a great link for you but the Galway Arts Centre has a good write up for their exhibition. Again that was a while ago so I wont really go into it, a couple really stand out pieces.

I was fortunate to see the Knee-jerk collective's (they told me they have a website in the works, I'll post a link when its up) show at the thatched cottage, a wonderful little well preserved cottage here in Galway. I ended up bringing some friends by the exhibit as I thought both the venue and the artistic response by the collective was spot on. (Some pics. I will get names and titles up shortly)

I am looking forward to their next project. Ok just had a look around and their next event / exhibit starts this Thursday at Leixlip Library, titled A Novel Landscape.
In their words: 'A Novel Landscape' is a site-specific exhibition in Leixlip Library, Co. Kildare. yep thats all I have on it.
Anyway, I am off to London next weekend! See how many galleries I can fit in without driving those with me mad. Send me suggestions of must see galleries and exhibits.