Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A few words on Reverse Pedagogy

I had the opportunity to talk briefly (by cell/mobile... I only mention this as I am terrible at taking notes while one is speaking and the notes I jotted down while Paul was answering my questions are atrocious) with Paul Butler last week about the Reverse Pedagogy (3rd installment) residency up at Model Satellite, in Sligo. Paul was also previous to Sligo just up in Derry at Context Gallery hosting his International Collage Party. Paul has teamed up with Ireland's Mark Garry to head this project, but Paul stated that--

"our job is to pick the people, create the environment and then we step aside and we participate equally along side everybody else."

How did this project come about?

"It started in the Banff art centre responding to the term Reverse Pedagogy. I wanted to create an environment were the students were the teachers. In traditional art schools the students end up in studios by them selves. I wanted a more sort of holistic approach to art-making where everything was done together. Artists working together, bringing each individual talent to the group."

What will Canadians bring to the Irish table?

"Through diversity comes opportunity. It's not necessarily Canadians bringing anything specifically Canadian but artists from different art backgrounds coming together. Possibly in discussion it could be argued two cultures responding to their surroundings, comparing respective art models."

Are there any restrictions?

"No not really, except maybe time"

There was more to this interview but as I mentioned earlier my note taking was not the most comprehensive. Model Arts on the other hand probably keeps great notes and does publish a blog on events at the Castle street space and Niland Gallery and you can check out a youtube interview posted there.

Mark Garry, Being Here Image via www.field.io/