Friday, June 12, 2009


Its funny how much artists need refueling. Well I do. I think I have a shallow creative well that needs topping up a lot. I feel like I spend a lot of my time running around with a bucket looking for the water to keep the well full. I always have extended projects, various constructions that I am playing with. Ideas that need feeling out and that I can work on over a longer period of time, leave for a bit then come back to. but its the stuff on canvas and paper and what-not that I burn out on (quite frequently it seems) or over work or too easily get frustrated with. I get to the all too familiar point where I want to trash the whole lot and start over. To compound this problem, I am a rather slow painter and if I kept tossing my unfinished work into the bin I would be left with very little.
So, I find myself occasionally needing to see the work of other artists. This is two fold, firstly and obviously it is the love of art in general. The desire to see the results of the creative process of other artists. To keep abreast of what is going on in your field. Secondly as an artist one needs to immerse one self in the product and results of this practice we have found ourselves in. This immersing, works to inspire and motivate (read: refuel), to help me push through my own pieces. As primarily a painter this entails looking at the work of other painters. Unfortunately Galway is a bit thin on galleries, let alone galleries that show primarily painters. Obviously one can troll the web but we all know looking at art on a computer screen is a poor compromise and almost akin to a visual crime. Something like a black & white reproduction of a colourful painting in a book (well maybe not that bad). So maybe a trip up to Dublin is needed.