Thursday, May 07, 2009

New Gallery Space for 126

So I thought I would throw up a pic or two of the new space. We are officially re-opening on Sat 09 2009 with a show of recent work by Fergus Byrne. The place looks amazing. It has come such a long way from when we first saw it. Jim Ricks, Dave Callan, and Alwyn Revill all putting in a tremendous amount of time and effort. Grand re-opening this Sat. see you there.
Early Stages

Walls up

Floors done


Michael Byers 12:44 PM  

Looks wonderful Simon. Hey do you have any new info regarding the group show. I talked briefly with Eileen the other day. Fill me in. Thanks. Hope you're doing well.

Alex,  5:40 PM  

Wow, it looks great! You guys must have worked your butts off. I wish I was there for the grand opening - post some pics of the show for me!