Monday, March 02, 2009

Time to move on and other thoughts

Head Light Big Horn, Oil on Board, 24"x16" ish
Ok I think that should do it for now. Teach me to fiddle with things that are not broken. Anyway, I also added little widget thing at the bottom to show who enjoys dropping by this ol' blog. So if you're so inclined please link up down there. ( Upon further reading it seems the widget thing only takes a gmail or yahoo account. So if you have either then sign in if not I'll look around for something more inclusive I guess) Above is a recent painting. Its a smaller format, but I think it works well. We will see how it goes.
So whats new on the Irish front? I mentioned the studio, when I get my gear in I will throw up some photos. 126 had its last show in the Ballybane location. We had a bit of a closing /farewell party. We also had a ceremonial burning of the old sign. The ride home from that night was a wet one and that forced Nina and I to call it an evening a bit early. We (126) are still looking for a new venue but have a few potential places lined up. I'll post as soon as something solid comes through. So I have the good fortune of seeing a couple really good exhibits recently. Nevan Lahart's Ugly Lovely at the kevin Kavanagh Gallery

Photo courtesy of Kevin Kavanagh Gallery
Wonderful installation on multiple interpretations of a single subject matter. The paintings were mostly on found wood and panel and the installations had a playful engaging nature to them. It brought a smile to my face, as I walked through the works. What is it about art that can at times put a stupid grin on your face? There are times I will come into an exhibition and I can almost feel the pupils of my eyes begin to widen. My lips start to part, my heart beat quickens, it is a full body experience, as I take in the visual before me. It strikes me as similar to a chemically induced reaction. It is also art that can start my head to throb, my anxiety to rise, my patience goes out the window and I want to turn around and run. Its at these times that I slip into my mantra "spend some time with it, spend some time with it" I guess that's what I love, the unexpected, the unknown, the challenge of Art.

The other exhibit was Sinéad Mhaonaigh at the Galway arts Centre. Sinéad's paintings are about the act of painting itself. They are thick and lush. When looking at these pieces your eye cant help but slowly wander around the surface, occasionally tripping on a scraping here or a gouge there. Subject-wise She plays or hints at slight constructions, boat like shapes, buildings, and platforms.

Image courtesy of Galway Arts centre: Untitled, oil on canvas, 2008

So here are some recent pics from 126.

Jim brings about the fall of 126 (the sign that is)

I played at being the paparazzi. I think I've been caught.

Apparently the Irish don't care for the Paparazzi either!

And with that we bid adieu


Shannon 6:03 AM  

Hi Simon!
I love your Head Light Big Horn piece. Is that the finished piece?

Simon Fleming 9:19 AM  

I think so. I wanted it to be quite striped down.