Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some random musings;
So we landed safe and sound in Ireland. Getting settled in, Galway is going as planned. Working on some houses. Going to attach them to walls (more pics to follow) I'll elaborate more, soon. Nina and I have been in Galway for about two weeks
now. We need to explore so much more. There are so many small independent stores hidden down side streets and back alleys. Galway is a tourist destination so you overhear a lot of languages and accents, Russian, French and Polish seem to be the rank the highest. We have learned that the main strip (Quay St, High St, and Shop St, which are really all one street) should be avoided on the weekends. It becomes a bit of a zoo.
The car / pedestrian relationship is best summed up as cautious. Approach a street crossing with caution. The roads are small and the side walks are smaller. When crossing a street, look right then left then over your shoulder, right again, then run like hell.
Stopped by G126, an artist run gallery last week. They have a nice program set up but are situated well out of the way.
The other significant art gallery here is the Galway arts Centre
A nice space found right downtown. They have a photo based show on right now. I didnt think much of it. I didnt think the quality of the images was that good but I will go by again and take some more time with it. We just missed the Galway arts festival by a couple of weeks so Nina and I will catch that next year.
The Cats,
Bringing our cats over from Canada was a chore but well worth the trouble. New adventures now are finding food and litter. Cats don't seem to register too high on the Irish pet scale and that means a rather poor selection of food and ridiculously small bags of litter in most stores. Obviously they dont know our cats and their daily output.

till later,